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    That is now 18mcf of gas a day they have contracted to sell by calendar end 2002.

    Crude maths (I have no calculator on me):

    1,000 cf of gas a day = US$4.79 gross according to recent prices (for maths purposes go with US$4 a day per '000cf, which includes prod costs which are not very much)

    1mcf a day = US$4000
    18mcf a day = US$72000 a day
    18mcf a year = US$21,600,000 a year
    Amity's share is 50% = US$10,700,000 a year
    convert to A$ = A$18,000,000
    no. of Amity shares = approx 150 million from memory
    Earnings per share = 8cps
    Price = 50 cents a share
    PE ratio = 6.5

    Gocerler gasfield can produce 30mcf a day at current production capacity but can be increased if required. Also they have much much more drilling to come in Turkey as well. What can I say? Also A$15M of cash in bank when options issue expires, plus 30M options at $1 for 2005 if things take off, so not outstanding cash issues from my viewpoint.

    Sound fundamentals to me.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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