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- the next big deal

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    My guess for MIK's next big deal is a collaboration with Transcore on vehicle registration labels. My reasoning is:

    1. MIK's announcement re windshield labels specifically referred to vehicle registration;

    2. we can be pretty sure from the circumstantial evidence that the announcement related to Transcore;

    3. as far as I can tell, Transcore has not previously been involved in vehicle registration;

    4. there is a new (currently non-operational) link on Transcore's website called "vehicle registration";

    5. the need for security of RFID vehicle registration labels is obvious.

    The current stand-off is predictable. With the options currently bid at around 2 cents, the buyers aren't willing to pay much more than 6 cents when they could get a share with a free option for 8 cents. Conversely, 7 cents is about the mark where the sellers would feel comfortable selling and shelling out 8 cents to buy back with the free option.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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