UMC 0.00% $1.30 united minerals corporation nl

the next 12 months

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    Thanks Tony.

    I think the points I've made are valid, hopefully we don't get taken over though.

    What is of concern to me is actually TTY.
    Little article in today's West reiterating MK's determination to pick up a Pilbara asset to compliment Frances Creek.
    He has the resources backing him (Noble group) along with the nouse and determination to see value not being reflected in the sp.
    I wouldn't say he is visionary but he certainly has vision and anyone who has must surely see vision and value in UMC looking ahead from where we are at now...we are on the cusp of something major and very

    I like the fact that we have THX as major shareholder with PC at the reins who certainly knows and realises the potential value of UMC, but that in itself is a concern as it also presents a back door into UMC with THX itself being undervalued and vulnerable itself in an asset breakdown..

    Solid insto support we need and the sooner the better before someone tries to rape us and our assets....At least an insto that understands our true potential and can see long term value rather then a quick pay check...
    One that at least holds a blocking stake to prevent a low ball offer being made that appears as a significant premium to current sp but in no way reflects true value in the company and it's projects.

    UMC is in that undervalued position now and when the markets get choppy and volatile the sharks come out to feed.

    I'm sure you know what I mean and appreciate having the likes of JP Morgan onboard PLV.
    Not saying Ocean Equities aren't committed but don't know enough about them and they may well be another RAB master Fund that moves in and moves out as soon as there is a nice profit like they did to TNG and CBH.

    Food for thought anyhow..

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