the new united nations: rape, terror, chaos, power

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    In light of unprecedented U.N. scandals – involving everything from multi-billion-dollar money laundering for Saddam Hussein's terror machine to widespread sexual abuse and rape of women and children – more Americans than ever are pushing for the U.S. government to alter or abolish its relationship with the beleaguered global body, reports the latest issue of WND's Whistleblower magazine.

    Titled "ENEMIES WITHIN: How the United Nations supports terrorists and fuels global chaos," January's Whistleblower documents how and why the global organization, created decades ago to prevent future wars, has morphed into the corrupt, incompetent, power-hungry, terror-supporting body it is today.

    Documenting the U.N.'s non-stop history of failures, Whistleblower zeroes in on the group's most recent string of outrages:

    The U.N.'s relief efforts are dismal failures. While more than 70,000 innocent families in the Darfur region of Sudan have perished, just to the south, in the Congo, 150 U.N. "peacekeepers" are under criminal indictment on charges ranging from corruption to creating and distributing pornography to rape.

    Meanwhile, as this issue of Whistleblower shows, the U.N. has become a house for money laundering and a financier of international terrorism.

    For instance, the 9/11 report documents that Osama bin Laden was having serious money problems in 1996, when al-Qaida's annual budget was $30 million. Early in 1997, al-Qaida members met with Iraqi intelligence officers, and an Iraqi delegation later that year visited bin Laden in Afghanistan. Then in October 1997, Kofi Annan reorganized the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program by creating the Office of Iraq Program, which reported directly to Annan.

    Less than a year later, bin Laden was the "rich man of the jihad movement," according to the 9/11 investigation. In addition, Saddam Hussein's military budget escalated from $8 million in 1996 to $350 million by 2001. While investigations continue into this unprecedented scandal, the U.N. continues to stonewall. By best estimates, Saddam diverted $21 billion.

    "Did this money go to terrorists? I don't think it went to the American Beauty Pageant," said Rep. Chris Shays, who is leading the congressional effort to expose the Oil-for-Food fiasco. "I think you can be absolutely certain it went to terrorists."
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