the new corporate world order

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    I notice in most of the posts that countries and politicians are still referred to in 'old speak' language.By this I mean assuming that countries and politicians still represent citizens,which they obviously do not.The big corporations have achieved what they have been after for many years,they control the policies of countries.These corporations straddle continents and countries and have budgets bigger than some countries.Hence their commercial plans will clash with local politics.That is what we are seeing in the Middle East.Countries' borders bare no relation to commercial reallity amd you can expect an attempt to change the sovereignty and physical position of many countries.In the ME an attempt will be made to create a Union of States along the lines of the EU which will stretch across ethnic groups and bring them into a bigger entity.This should lessen the religious and racist fighting in the region.Of course a lot of the trouble dates back to its colonial past and arbitary borders that were drawn.The choice of Iraq as the centre was not a chance decision but because it is the less religious centre.From Iraq ,the US and eventually the UN will have to carve out a new community with all represented.As you can imagine this will take years to achieve but the start has been made and the cost will be high.
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