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the new board-any ideas!

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    My information is that this re-arrangement taking place at PLX will be a real goer during the next 12 to 18 months. The info from past 'tips' has been a 6 from 7 resulting in big gains from the low/high.The 'shocker' is about half price but has potential for a rally as sitting just above the all time low.I thought that the appointment of Brennan to the board my have been for a backdoor mining listing but as I know nothing of the other members namely Bartleet & Gajweski.
    My reading of friday trading is that any shares on offer at 6c were taken out except for a couple of early trades then the last sale was at 5.6c. possibly to keep the German mkt subdued or so last minute applications for the rights issue were not sent off as the forms must be rec'd by 04/09 & are to be trading 25/09.

    This 'play' has been in the planning stages for quite a while given that Bartleet was appointed about 12 months ago.

    The question is what companies have the board been involved with before? I do not know what Brennans work load but I do I know there is an onsite meeting at GLN's Fortnum mine site this tues.

    Can anyone throw some light on PLX? Maybe the North American Rabbit can pull something out of the hat!!

    Plexus International Ltd is pleased to advise the appointment of Mr
    Anthony Brennan as a non-executive director of the Company.

    Mr Brennan is Executive Chairman of Capital Growth Corp Limited, an
    unlisted investment company which has recently raised approximately
    $4m with the purpose of investing these funds in a business requiring
    expansion capital. He is also non-executive Chairman of Gleneagle
    Gold Limited, a company seeking a listing on the Australian Stock
    Exchange within the next 6 months. Gleneagle Gold has an extensive
    tenement holding and a focus on Australian gold production and

    Prior to this he was the Chairman of Dolomatrix International Limited
    (Dolomatrix), a company specialising in the treatment of hazardous
    waste. He was the driving influence behind the listing of Dolomatrix
    on the ASX in July 2001. For the nine years prior to this, Mr Brennan
    was Managing Director of two listed public companies, Kilkenny Gold
    N.L. and Mount Edon Gold Mines (Aust) Ltd before that. Before joining
    Mount Edon Gold Mines (Aust) Ltd, he was a partner in HLB Mann Judd,
    a nationally affiliated accounting firm, and has gained experience in
    financial management both in Australia and overseas.

    Name of Director Peter Kingsley Bartleet

    Date of Appointment 05/08/2002

    Plexus International Ltd is pleased to advise the appointment of Mr
    Ron Gajweski as a director of the Company. Mr Gajweski is an
    accountant by profession, with many years of experience as a director
    of public listed companies and as a corporate advisor to public

    Mr Ray Hammond has resigned as a director. The Board acknowledges Mr
    Hammond's contribution, as an executive director, in providing loyal
    support to the Company through a difficult period.

    Mr Susmit Shah has been appointed as the company secretary in place
    of Mr David Brown. The Board thanks Mr Brown for his contribution.
    Part 3 - Director's interests in contracts

    Detail of contract In March 2003 a Convertible Note
    was issued to Vienna Holdings Pty
    Ltd ("Vienna"), a company in
    Nature of interest which Mr Gajewski is a director
    and holds an interest, after
    Vienna provided short term
    funding of $100,000 to Plexus
    International Limited.

    Name of registered holder At any time prior to 30 June 2003,
    (if issued securities) the noteholder may convert the
    note to 2.5 million fully paid
    ordinary shares (on a post 1 for
    No and class of securities 14 consolidation of Plexus' share
    to which interest relates capital) at an issue price of 4
    cents each with 2.5 million free
    attaching options, subject to
    shareholder approval. The free
    attaching options are exercisable
    at 10 cents each on or before
    15 May 2008.

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