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the negatives unjustified

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    I am a US investor with an MBA in Accounting and spent part of my career in commercial lending and credit rating agencies. Does one wonder how less than 1 year ago, Centro could borrow easily on an unsecured basis? Don't you think the bankers knew of Centro's acquisition plans? Sure they did. One must question if Centro management all of a sudden swallowed a stupid pill and therefore should bankrupt disrupting assets of shareholders in the billions? This company is by no means leveraged or geared as the Aussies call it, to a point that would warrant actions by the bankers involved. Indeed, the financial and organizational structure of the company is complex but that complexity has led to profitable and well diversified results over the years. Having debt at 60% of assets is not excessive and CNP has excellent occupancy and NOI levels, at least of the last published financial report. There is plenty of money around the globe looking for outlets and literally thousands of banks. Centro needs to find financial partners willing to commit and be a dependable stakeholder and when it does, it needs to tell these uncooperative lenders where to shove it.
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