the nazi's successor?

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    Has Israel become the Nazi's Successor?

    "In my childhood, I have suffered fear, hunger and humiliation when I passed from the Warsaw Ghetto, through labor camps, to Buchenwald. Today, as a citizen of Israel, I cannot accept the systematic destruction of cities, towns, and refugee camps. I cannot accept the technocratic cruelty of the bombing, destroying and killing of human beings. I hear too many familiar sounds today, sounds which are being amplified by the war. I hear 'dirty Arabs,' and I remember 'dirty Jews.' I hear about 'closed areas,' and I remember ghettos and camps. I hear 'two-legged beasts,' and I remember 'Untermenschen' subhumans.) I hear about submission, and I remember suffering, destruction, death, blood and murder...Too many things in Israel remind me of too many things from my childhood."
    - Dr. Shlomo Shmelzman, in an August 1982 letter to the Israel press.

    "When I saw the Palestinians with their hands tied behind their backs, young men. I said, It is like what they did to us in the Holocaust. We are a people who have been through the Holocaust. How are we capable of doing these things?"
    - Yaffa Yarkoni, Israel's "Singer of the Wars"

    "If our job is to seize a densely packed refugee camp, he must before all else analyze and bring together the lessons of past battles, even--shocking though this might appear--to analyze how the German army operated in the Warsaw Ghetto." An unnamed IDF officer, quoted in Ma'ariv.
    - Eric Ruder, The master of terrorism, Socialist Worker Online, May 17, 2002

    "In (the March 12, 2002 issue of) Ha'aretz , Amnon Barzilai reports on the new opinion poll carried out by Jaffe Institute for Strategic Studies. According to it, 46% of Jews in Israel support mass deportation (transfer) of the Palestinians. If the question is asked in more 'soft' form, the support for the Final Solution raises to 60%.

    Nazis never openly declared their intention to massacre Jews and Gypsies, they spoke of 'deportation' and 'transfer' as of their 'Final Solution'. Even in 1938, these ideas have not had such wholehearted support in Nazi Germany, as they have now in the Jewish state." -- Israel Shamir in Not Another Peace Plan, Media Monitors, March 14, 2002

    Ninety-nine percent of the people reading newspapers or watching TV news all over the world (including Arabs) have simply forgotten -- if they ever knew -- that Israel is an illegal occupying power and has been for 34 years. So long as there is a military occupation of Palestine by Israel, there can never be peace. Occupation with tanks, soldiers, checkpoints and settlement is violence, and it is much greater than anything Palestinians have done by way of resistance. -- Edward Said
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