the nanny state at work

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    There are no criminals only misunderstood youth .
    I want real fear of the severity of the law for those who require it, not a big hug given constantly at court today that actively encourages this gutless disgrace.

    Police officer 'punched, kicked' at rowdy teen party

    By Joel Cresswell
    From: AAP
    July 09, 2011 6:16PM

    POLICE say they are determined to find a group of cowardly men who punched a female officer to the ground, then repeatedly kicked her at a rowdy party in Melbourne.

    Police were called to the teenage birthday party in a hall in the city's north about 10pm (AEST) yesterday when a brawl erupted.

    The female officer was attempting to make an arrest when she was punched in the face.

    As the officer hit the ground, several men swarmed and began kicking her.

    Her fellow officers were pelted with bottles and forced to call for back-up.

    A police dog squad and Critical Incident Response Team were eventually able to disperse the crowd of about 450 youths.

    Detective Senior Constable Nick Lamb said police were appalled at the attack.

    "It's an absolute disgrace, that's why we're going to pursue this heavily," he said.

    "It's a very serious assault when it's several males assaulting one lone female officer."

    The battered officer was released from hospital this morning.

    Police were unable to identify her attackers and need help from witnesses.

    "The party was intended for 17- and 18-year-olds so we would only assume (the attackers) were around that age bracket at this stage," Det Lamb said.

    The party was a combined 17th and 18th birthday celebration for two girls who each invited 100 guests.

    But the event was publicised on Facebook and attracted about 250 gatecrashers.

    The huge crowd turned violent as the concerned parents of the birthday girls tried to shut the party down.

    Fights broke out and gatecrashers smashed windows and set off a fire hydrant in the hall.

    One of the mothers, Faye, now faces a $1500 damage bill.

    She described the night as a horror story.

    "It was a scary night when it should have been a happy occasion," she said.

    "Some of these kids just came along to pick fights, nothing else."

    She said the families had registered the party with police and hired four security guards in a bid to avoid trouble.

    "Whatever you do, don't put your party on Facebook," she said.
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