the myth of tiny, little israel: zionist tentacles

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    The Myth of Tiny, Little Israel: Zionist Tentacles Everywhere

    Sam Hamod, Ph.D.

    06/26/03: ( No decent human being in this world can see Sharon and his zionist minions killing women, children and elderly, destroying their homes, schools and hospitals and not feel a moral repugnance. There are many Jews as well as others who abhor this, in fact, these Jews are among the most heroic in fighting this brutality that is being used against the Palestinians and the espionage Mossad is perpetrating all over the world. This group includes such people as Nurit Peled (the winner of the Sakharov Prize for Peace in Israel), Anthony Lewis, Professor Naom Chomsky, Rabbi Michael Lerner and many other courageous and moral people. So let it be known that we must get past the myth of "tiny, little Israel" to see the truth about Israel and her supporters whose tentacles have spread throughout the world.

    This article pertains to those who are zionists who support the brutal tactics of Sharon and his predecessors in Palestine and in the U.S.; it is this group that has infiltrated American politics, media and military policy ( and the policies of other nations as well) through secret agents, those who carry dual citizenship but are more loyal to Israel than to the US or other nations, through the Mossad agents that have been hired for security reasons in various nations who then branch out to recruit others who then become agents for Israel, and through the academics whose political connections and media connections that make them overnight “authorities” so as to be an asset to Israel (Daniel Pipes, Frank Gaffney, Richard Perle, Bernard Lewis to name but a few).

    Too few people in the world realize that this “little nation” of Israel has its tentacles throughout the world, in terms of its political action committees, appointees and elected officials in governments and the hiring out of its active or retired Mossad agents. I write this article to awaken people to the reality of what is actually going on, so that they may wipe away the myths spread by the Israeli propaganda machine that has mainline access to American media (newspapers, TV, radio and film) and enormous influence on the politics and economies of many nations, among them, America, Britain, Venezuela, Germany and others.

    Here are but a few examples:

    1. Many airport checkers at the Frankfurt, Germany, airports are members of Mossad; this has been attested to by many Arab and Arab American travelers who have been harassed by them (many of the guards spoke Hebrew to one another during checking).

    2. Many new hires in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the CIA and FBI, this according to people working in those agencies and even reported briefly in some newspapers are former, or on loan, Mossad agents;

    3. Iraqis report Hebrew speaking troops with the American troops in Baghdad, even American papers have reported that Israel is “aiding America” in its search for WMD; the methods being used by American troops in Iraq are exactly like the Israeli methods used in Palestine—shooting heavy weaponry at a house, then breaking down the door and bursting in, even without evidence, and arresting young men and fathers in the house and taking them away to unknown locations, or simply destroying homes with tanks, mortars or missiles simply because of a “tip” that “terrorists” or “pro-Saddam” people are there

    ;4. It is common knowledge that Mossad trained the apartheid South African regimes police and military that terrorized Blacks and Browns in that country for years, Israel also sold the weaponry and technology to South Africa that was banned by the UN and the USA that helped hold the African natives of the region and nation in check; experts on Africa say there are others operating in Africa at this time in Nigeria and Kenya.

    What is interesting also is how much Israel and its agents have infiltrated American intelligence and politics. It is a known fact that Wolfowitz, Fleischer, Perle, Lantos and some others have dual citizenships between Israel and America. Some of their behavior helps reinforce this loyalty to Israel; at times, Lantos asks for more funds for Israel than for the poor in America or even in California (his district and state). It is well known by every literate person in the world that Wolfowitz and Perle were two of the prime movers for an attack on Iraq and continue their pressuring for attacks on Iran, Syria and Lebanon (which are at the top of Israel’s hit list). AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee uses millions of dollars of its funds to get billions in aid for Israel through donations and political pressure on American presidents, congress people and senators.

    The pro-zionist groups also have powerful influence in the media through ownership of the NY Times (the Sulzberger family), Washington Post, others who owned ABC Goldenson)CBS(Paley) and NBC (Sarnoff)—all of whom were loyal zionists and their donations to AIPAC is legendary. Fred Friendly, the first president of NPR and PBS was a known supporter of Zionism when he was at CBS and carried this over to NPR, where a majority of the newscasters and analysts are pro-Israel (Scott Simon, Dan Shorr, Linda Gradstein, just go down the list and see how many Arabs, Muslims, real Latinos /not those who are part Latino and part Jewish/, Linda Wertheimer, Seigel—the list goes on and on). Thus, at every turn in America, from the overt media and money usage to the mythology that is perpetrated by our movies and TV shows that Arabs and Muslims are terrorists and Jews and Israelis are always victims, and that all Jewish men are warm and generous and never hard faced businessmen, mafia (the only bad mafia guys are Italian, even on the Sopranos, the myth is perpetrated because Tony and the boys always go talk with the Jewish godfather friend of Tony’s father—this is pure hogwash to any true Mafiosi or anyone who has worked in the “Business” as it is really called, the Italians only talked with the Italians, and especially the Sicilianos, they were in endless, brutal competition with the Jewish criminal gangs headed by Lansky, Siegel and others—but when Bugsy or Lansky are shown in a TV or movie fiction, they are always good guys who went wrong or old men just trying to make their way in the world).

    Even the Pollard case, a spy in our military intelligence unit of the U.S. Navy, was downplayed; the constant request by Israel for his release has also been hushed up.

    In the Washington, DC, during the Pollard matter, the media often showed his crying wife who kept saying, “He’s not a spy,” even after they had hard evidence on him; the newspapers covered it but soon put it on the back pages if at all. Even some rabbis came forth asking that he be sent to Israel for trial! Imagine, sending a spy back home to be tried for spying for his home country; amazing.

    Of course, the Israelis are only out to defend themselves, that is why they bulldoze homes in Palestine (no, not in Israel itself), continue confiscating land from Palestinian farmers (who must be terrorists, otherwise why would they use the disguise of being a shepherd in a field of sheep or a farmer with olive trees—obvious cover-up disguises!), confiscate Palestinian funds in Israeli banks, ask America to freeze bank accounts of Palestinian humane charities, never shoot children or women, and if they do, it is only by accident or with rubber tipped metal bullets (which also kill and maim, like metal bullets, but not as rapidly), and the missiles they send in to hospitals, schools and ambulances are because the children must have done a terrorist act secretly while they were in school—I make these absurd statements because they are no more absurd than some of the press releases and public pronouncements the Israelis make after killing people and excusing it (never apologizing), but always “launching investigations” that never seen to be finished and never come up with any Israeli guilt under any circumstances.

    Of course, those Israeli soldiers who get sick of this behavior and these lies are branded as “traitors” and “liars” and shunned, put in prison, and God knows what other punishments they undergo (this from Felicia Langer when I spoke with her some years ago who, as a Holocaust survivor, is one of Israelis top defense lawyers who often defends Palestinians and Jews for peace or military men who refuse to continue to participate in this myths and cruelty of the Israeli politics of brutality, and others who have come to America and spoken of these cruel and inhuman acts, Nurit Peled (the winner of the Sakharov Prize for Peace in Israel), her brother Miko and others who participate in the peace dialogues in San Diego and other cities in America—people who genuinely want peace and what is best for their own Jewish brethren and for the Palestinians (their blood cousins, see Blood Brothers by Chacour).

    We need not mention Sharon’s assault on the Palestinians in Lebanon, and his assisting the Phalangist group that carried out the horrible and unforgiveable massacres at Sabra and Shatilla Refugee Camps, while Israeli military men stood by hearing the cries and seeing bloodied and children running from the camps asking them for help, shining their flood lights for the Phalangist Gemayal families and their allies while they did the killings; nor the constant destructions of villages, homes and human beings under Sharon’s government, nor the lies of Bill Clinton and Barak when they kept saying “we’re giving the Palestinians 80% of what they want”—when in fact, Barak, with Clinton’s knowledge was building settlements as fast as they could be built on seized and occupied Palestinian territory.

    The facts go and on, one has but to look at UN reports on these matters of Israeli abuses to see that it would take me dozens, nay hundreds of pages to cite all the abuses of even the last dozen years—not to mention the previous and ongoing atrocities being committed in the name of “security”—very much like Hitler needing more and more land for German’s “security”.

    Of course, the more you expand, the more other land you need to keep security in the newly taken land that was allegedly for our “security”—an ultimately expanding, never receding state. All the time, American presidents, congress and media look the other way; the American people know little of the truth of this because the truth comes out only at the UN or in such limited outlets as the National Geographic (which has the very best article on Israeli settlements and how they have destroyed any sense of a Palestinian “west bank” and Gaza and a contiguous Palestinian state (see Andrew Cockburn in the October 2002 issue of National Geographic for excellent maps, commentary and factual materials on this theft of land, resources and culture).

    Finally, there are the WMDs and atomic weapons. America, since the 50s, has allowed Israeli scientists into Oak Ridge and Los Alamos; they have had carte blanche access.

    Israel at this time has a huge stock of atomic weapons, thanks to our assistance. Israel also has major supplies of anthrax and other poison weapons, again, thanks to the assistance of the U.S. Government who at one time feared Arab attacks on Israel. These are the reasons that Israel will not allow atomic inspectors into Israel and will not sign the vaunted American pushed, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that America wants everyone else to sign, and uses pressure to achieve this, but never on Israel. As to the poison weapons, neither America nor Israel will sign this accord banning poison weapons because they have so many in their security vaults. Thus, to many experts in the world, the U.S. attack on Iraq for WMD and poison weapons, was very much a bald-faced farce, without merit, when two of the biggest abusers of atomic proliferation and poison weapons were the ones calling for the war, America and Israel (and of course, followed by the poodle himself, Tony Blair, who has his own weapons secrets that have not yet seen the light of day).

    It is time the myths of “poor Israel” be laid to rest. It is time for Americans to wake up and look clearly and honestly at one of the prime movers of terror in the world, Israel.

    It is time that American citizens be told by their government and by their media the truth about why so many Arabs and Muslims throughout the world are now becoming, not just anti-Bush, but anti-American, because of Israel’s cruelty toward their fellow Arab and Muslims, the Palestinians, and the brutal unnecessary take-over of Iraq (which was number one on the Israeli agenda and thus the influence of key congress people and appointees such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and others to help achieve Israel’s goals through that way—not to mention that Israel is now going to get cheap Iraqi oil, courtesy of America). Unless America comes clean about Israel, I can speculate with some accuracy, that the war between Arabs and Muslims and America will never come to an end until this problem of Palestine/Israel, and in addition now, prompted by Israel and the pro-Israeli influences in America, the Iraq/America-British occupation, is settled justly—all of us will suffer from terrorism and the fear of terrorism—physically, emotionally and financially ( the financial costs are beyond speculation, just see what it has done to our airlines, our manufacturing, our tourism—every sector of our economy and the economies of other nations—all because we refuse, in America especially, to face up and to deal with the Israel/Palestine problem in a just way—because of the long reach of the Israeli tentacles, I would say that even American presidents and congress people are afraid to speak openly or to act strongly against Israel because they may fear either exposure that would ruin their career (as happened to Nixon when he suddenly put pressure on Israel to desist in its settlements and threatened to cut off funds by executive order, and to Carter when he lost the support of the entire Democratic Party and a lot of funds in his re-election campaign because he was trying to force Begin to abide by the Carter/Begin/Sadat agreements of Camp David), be tarred and feathered as was done to Pat Buchannan because he refused to shut up about Israeli abuses of American funds and weapons and their killing of Palestinians, to the point that even Robert Novak, an internationally respected journalist, has recently been attacked as a “self-hating Jew” because he condemned Sharon’s behavior an the settlements and breaking of peace negotiation deals. Others politicians up to presidents, according to FBI agents I spoke with in the 80s while I was Director of the Islamic Center in Washington, DC, were afraid of assassination by Mossad or their related agents within even the American security apparatus. Some may scoff at this because they’ve never been inside this big game, but having seen it at work close up, one has to see it to believe it.

    But newsmen who have worked in South Africa and other parts of the world, especially the Middle East know the verity of what I speak. Israel is not this “poor little nation, just wanting to survive,” but is a small nation, with a huge big brother who protects it because many from Israel and its sympathizers have a knife to the jugular of its American big brother, and when anyone in America decides to let the truth be known, their career in politics, show business, economic, or academic affairs is short-lived except in very few exceptional cases—and these tentacles, as I said earlier, reach out throughout the world, supported by massive funds, discreet placements for influence and media power beyond compare (Rupert Murdoch at this time controls all satellite transmissions to the world’s media save one transmission line; if the FCC rulings are not reversed and he is allowed to buy this last line of satellite transmission, he will own them all—and Murdoch is a long-time Zionist of the first order; one has but to watch his Faux News or read his newspapers to understand how committed he is to Israel and to his anti- Arab, anti-Muslim positions, aside from attacking any politician anywhere in the world who has, or should dare, say a thing against “tiny Israel.”

    Finally, even in the religious arena, the Zionists have been hard at work. Their major new alliance is with the ultra-rightist, Evangelical Christian movement that is praying for Armageddon and the final war that will bring about the return of Christ. In order for this to take place, Israel must triumph over its adversaries; to this end, the Evangelical movement has sent many people to Israel to prepare for this soon-coming day, GW Bush has enlisted his support as has Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and this has translated into bonds between this new alliance and the Republican Party and especially support for any and all of GW Bush’s actions. Of course, since Sharon is the head of the Israel heading for Armageddon, Bush allows him carte blanche in his killing of Palestinians and refuses to see Sharon’s terrorism, according to Bush, only Hamas and such are “terrorists.” Yes, the world is aghast at this twisting of the Christian Gospel, but few of the actual Christian Church scholars from established seminaries or universities are allowed to speak on television or radio in America, and few are published in major newspapers—rather, the ignorant and crazy right wing has control of these media—so you get Falwell, Graham and son, Robertson and others putting forth their nonsense on a nightly, weekly and monthly basis for the consumption of the gullible American public.

    It has gone so far in the religious arena that some of these right-wingers have called Islam a “religion of evil,” have branded Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, as a pedophile based on “evidence” they say (but the evidence is from one of their own wacko right-wingers or a zonist “scholar”). Many of the Zionists and ultra-right evangelicals have tried to keep Muslim scholars and speakers out of interfaith forums and out of university speaking engagements. This type of apostasy is allowed to go on in the name of a false brand of Christianity and Judaism. Thus, it has gone from politics to the politics of religion, a base type of behaviour that is immoral and certainly is an insult to any God they allegedly believe in. I sometimes wonder if any of these groups have any God but the almighty God of power, just another extension of the Golden Calf that Moses, Jesus and Muhammad railed against.

    There you have it, this “tiny, little, poor nation of Israel, just struggling to survive.” Let us now get rid of this myth; let us face the reality. This Israel is not the Israel Moses would have wanted, nor Jesus, nor the God these religions profess to believe in. For this Israel is a powerhouse of intrigue, lies, brutality and cunning with only destruction of others in mind—with lessons the Ashkenazim Jews learned from Hitler—so that even to this day, the Falasha (Ethiopian Jews), the Sephardic (the true Mediterranean Jews) are treated like second and third class citizens in their own land (they have lived there for thousands of years, the Ashkenazim of Europe, descendents of the Khazars, converts from Slavic tribes to Judaism, have only come to the Middle East in the 20th century), and of course, the Palestinians (Philistines in Arabic and Hebrew) who have lived there for several thousand years are being brutalized so that Sharon and his minions may push them out of this false Israel, aided by their ignorant American “Christian” allies who hope that when Armageddon comes, all the Jews will convert to Christianity.

    Fat chance—just more mythology—but we’ll save that for another day.

    Sam Hamod is an expert on world affairs, especially the Arab and Muslim worlds. He writes often for and ; he is a former advisor to the U.S. State Department and served as editor of Third World News in Wash, DC. He may be reached at [email protected]

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