the "myth of america"

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    A few years ago most of us would have identified more with the intrepid rebels, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga. And that today (according to all the polls) most of us have sided with (the Evil) Empire as embodied by the arrogant, cruel and spoiled Emperor Bush over the "force" of Truth and Justice.

    It seems as though most of us prefer to have the American Death Star floating over the world ready to obliterate rebel strongholds and outposts rather than make the attempt to understand why folks choose to take up arms against us. We like the idea apparently of naked aggression, ambition and power. Of course we don't call it naked aggression, ambition and power. It's called Peace, Security and Freedom.

    And of course the Emperor and his minion of Wolfowitzes don't call the objects of their scorn 'rebels' or 'freedom fighters.' No, it is Terrorists and Evildoers armed with dangerous Weapons of Mass Destruction that pose a ubiquitous threat to our "way of life."

    It is curious isn't it that 'most' Americans cling to the pretend-integrity of President Bush like a child might cling to a parent's hand in a crowded street?

    No weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq? No problem. What's important is that we got rid of Saddam and 'liberated' the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people don't seem too grateful for their deliverance into Peace, Security and Freedom? No problem. After we select their new leaders, write their new laws and re-build their third world infrastructure (that we created in the first place) they're sure to come around.

    But they won't 'come around,' will they? The Bush Administration Cold Warriors, still running arms, drugs and scams out of the White House, Pentagon and CIA, long for the days of pacified Vassal States and Banana Republics. But those days are long past. Peasants, laborers and common folk have chosen to fight against the evil American Empire.

    President Bush in his now famous quote declared that "you are either with us or you are with the terrorists." Well guess what? America stands virtually alone in the world. And now that the President has been caught with his pants down and his limp whizzer flailing about in the breeze, America has lost any remaining remnant of respectability in the world.

    This is what is vital for Americans to understand. The Big Story isn't that Bush & Company lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The Big Story is why Bush (and Blair) had to lie. The simple answer is "Empire."

    America came into being through a Revolution against Empire. Americans are indoctrinated into a catechism of official history. America is the Freedom Fighter. We were the original underdog. America is the preserver of Peace and Justice. America lends aid to lovers of Liberty. And most important of all, America only goes to war in self-defense.

    Conquest and Imperialist Aggression are anathema to the idea of America.

    This is the very reason why the Knuckleheads tried so damn hard to create the dangerous monster of Saddam Hussein and the (fallacious) threat he posed to our security. And it was all a lie of Empire. And this lie did not start with Iraq. For the last hundred years or so America has embarked upon a policy of imperialist hegemony, borne out of the 18th and 19th Century idea of Manifest Destiny. American hegemony is justified in the name of National Security. Economic Self Interest and the rules (Expansionism) of Capitalism has led to a mostly hidden history of military adventurism, installed despots and the oppression of the subjugated. This sad American history has caused untold human tragedy and has bred an unending cycle of hatred and revenge. Terrorism does not originate in a vacuum; it is incubated through deprivation, injustice and callous disregard for human dignity and aspiration.

    When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Bush and Cheney predict the War against Terrorism will last for decades. Of course it will. It has to. How long would you fight for Freedom. How long would you fight for control over your own resources. How long would you fight for the right of self-determination? The answer is 'as long as it takes,' right?

    So as the United States tries to maintain its Empire and 'pacify' its conquered dominoes from Asia, Africa, the Pacific Rim and the Americas one must assume that American Interests will be a source of conflict.

    And what are America's Interests internationally? Well silly, America's Interests are other people's lands, resources and labor. Oil, gold, drugs, diamonds, 'strategic metals,' herbs, spices, lumber, grazing land and slave labor are the currency of Empire. Banana Republics, Oil Sheikdoms, Client States and American Protectorates are just pretty names for conquered peoples.

    Almost immediately after 9/11 Vice-Emperor Cheney identified some 60 sovereign nations targeted for regime-change in the War against Terror. These 60 countries have stuff that we want and they don't want us to have it without a fight. So we label these countries 'terrorist lovers,' and go about our business of conquest. How sweet is that, huh?

    "To the Victor go the Spoils" is not empty rhetoric but plain fact. Empire writes history, makes the rules, sacks the cities, steals the treasures, murders the men of 'fighting age' and rapes the women and children.

    And why do we have this empire? How did America go from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader?

    The Dark Side of the Force, of course.

    Empire is built upon vain glory. The Greeks had Alexander. The Romans had Caesar. Byzantium had Constantine. The Holy Roman Empire was built upon the infallibility of the Pope. The British Empire glorified its Crown. The Germanic Empire tried with the Kaiser and then Hitler. Russia had the megalomaniac, Stalin. Japan had the Emperor of the Sun.

    And the American Empire? Well even though our 'boy who would be King,' publicly yearns for dictatorship, the American Empire is not built upon a Personality or even an Office.

    The American Empire is built upon the Myth of America. The myth is that we are liberators and lovers of freedom. The myth is that it doesn't matter if you win or lose but how you play the game. The myth is that America is a caped-crusader for Truth and Justice. The myth is that we root for the underdog and cheer for good over evil.

    And that is why the President had to lie to us. He knows that Americans believe in their myths. We won't stand for wars of conquest. We will not support wars of economic aggression. We will not lend aid to bullies. We will not countenance unfair fights.

    Americans do not support the cynical, arrogant and greedy real-politick of the American Empire. But we are too lazy or too tired to demand the Truth and settle instead for comfortable myths and simple answers.

    So is it any wonder that the rest of the world looks at us with disgust and disappointment?

    Is it any wonder that the rebel yell reverberates around the globe as common people take up a common cause against Empire?

    You are either with the freedom-loving rebel forces or you are with the Evil Empire. You are either for Truth and Justice or you are for shameless lies and empty myths.

    Most of the rest of the world is in shackles and chains. You can see the writing on the wall here in America as our liberties are limited and freedoms curtailed.
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