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the music must stop sometime!!

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    Their Colonial Mutual investment is paying out to investors (superanuation) for their very intelligent decisions and great financial modelling prowess at the NAB.

    Now Frank Ciucutto wnats a slice of the AMP and not a single regulator is asking suddenly why. My forecasts and valuation of the stock was at $3.99 when brokers and 'independent' advisors and analysts were rating at at $10.00. It went below $5.00 only to be propped up by institutions who turned it over in order to stem their losses.

    NAB went in for a briefing a year ago with the view of buying them out. It was insider trading by any other name except by David Knotts reckoning. But who is he now anyway?

    Pauline Hanson goes to jail and stays there with the reasoning that she was found guilty by a jury of her peers and therefore not deserving of bail. Rene Rivkin goes to jail and claims 2000 years of persecution, buys TV PR time with Andrew Denton and the papers and comes out with some 'disorder that allows him to trade and 'Party' outside even though he too ewas found guilty by a jury of his peers. What did he do, he ripped people off for millions and traded using information obtained under privileged conditions breaching insider tading rules. Did he return the money. No. Did Ms Hanson return the money yes.

    AMP is worth $1.37 per share including a premium of 12% for speculative value and goodwill in its name,

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$1.17 $1.17 $1.11 $19.16M 16.95M

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38 265171 $1.12

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$1.12 242906 37
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