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the modern chamberlains

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    The world has learnt nothing from the history of the 20th century . Appeasing the Hitlers / Saddams of this world DOES NOT work . Pacifying the dictatorships DOES NOT work . Placating Authoritarian regimes DOES NOT work . This starategy has never worked . In fact , it had resulted , in world's worst bloodshed , that would have been averted , had the world JUST LISTENED to the Churchils of logic . The french Hypocrats , not only had they colaborated with the Nazies ( google Petan and you'll get the true story , even the Norwegian produced their own Kuizling , not to mention the biggest hypo's of all the Belgs ) .
    Saddam , a dictator of the worst kind , who had oppressed his own people , for decades , is loughing tonight , thinking to himself , how f-----g stupid the west is . This will definitely envigourate his appetite .
    A sad sad world , when are you gonna learn from your previous mistakes ? And I am rubbing my eyes with disbelief ,at the wave of hatered towards the Americans . If they did not intervene , with all their might , where would have we all been , right now ? The Nazies were 5 months away from gaining the Atom bomb . Had that war been delayed by another year , Hitler would have , gained world supremacy of his bloody convulated third reich .What a disgusting western stupidity . Duff
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