the "moderate hustle"

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    The "Moderate Hustle"
    by Emanuel A. Winston
    Sep 10, '03 / 13 Elul 5763

    Out of the belly of the State Department comes a prime directive to the media to characterize Yasser Arafat’s quick pick of Ahmed Qurei (a.k.a. Abu Ala) as a "moderate".

    In order to keep President Bush’s fantasy "Road Map", which is already on a heart-lung machine, alive, the following has begun: A media push is on that includes blaming Israel for the failure of Mahmoud Abbas (a.k.a. Abu Mazen) and his resignation. This allows pressure to be put on Israel to give Arafat’s man, Qurei, everything Arafat wants.

    Does anyone doubt that any man who sits at Yasser Arafat’s right hand can be anything but a moderate? Anyone whom Arafat chooses must be his proxy and must take his orders. Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala) may speak a passable English in a calm manner and, like Abbas, have the facade of a decent man, but one cannot be Arafat’s Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament without having been Arafat’s partner in planning terror.

    It seems clear to me that Qurei will get the same ‘dry cleaning’ that Bush and Company gave to Abbas. If we look back in the record, we see the days of scrubbing Arafat, in an attempt to clean him up - which did not succeed. President Clinton tried, but the dirt remained. Shimon Peres snookered the Israeli people with Oslo by conspiring with Arafat and, in the end, the Israelis died in droves. But Peres and Arafat received a Nobel Peace Prize for their flim-flam. One of the Nobel Committee, Kaare Christensen, quit in protest over what he considered a misuse of the Nobel Committee for political purposes. Then came Abu Mazen, and now we scrub Abu Ala.

    Arafat’s first order, through the mouth of Qurei, was that he will only take the job if he receives assurances and support from America, and if Israel ceases her attacks against Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists. That’s directly in line with Arafat’s normal procedure when he is under pressure and his terrorists needed a breathing spell to regroup, rearm and get ready for the next assault.

    Israel just went through a hudna (cease-fire), which gave Israel nothing but more deaths and destruction of her civilian population. Arafat expects Qurei’s appointment to get the benefit of the doubt from the U.S., because President Bush is desperately in need of the appearance that he is succeeding with the so-called ‘peace process’. Therefore, the U.S. must pressure Israel to stop attacking Hamas and always offer the PA American tax-payers’ cash, which Qurei can spread around to the "poor" Palestinians. These dollars always end up in Arafat’s hands or secret bank accounts, despite the Arabist State Department telling us that all the monies are now accounted for in peaceful pursuits - according to Colin Powell, the U.S. Secretary of State. Powell has, indeed, added to his persona as a pacifist and an apologist for Arafat’s on-going terror.

    Bush is desperate for anything that looks like a ‘winner’ before the 2004 election campaign. His "Road Map" now looks like Road Kill. Not understanding Muslim Arab culture, Bush expected cheers from the Iraqis for rescuing them from Saddam. Instead, a steady stream of body bags is coming back to America, which are no longer featured on the front page of the New York Times and other State Department media outlets. We don’t see film footage of President Bush visiting the American wounded soldiers, lest he call attention to the fact that American soldiers are being shot and bombed by Muslims and Arabs, many coming in from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Chechnya, the Sudan, Iran, etc.

    Now, in addition to what has been rightfully spent on the Iraq War, President Bush has asked Congress for $87 Billion to re-build Iraq, which may not be the last request for funds. Iraqi oil ought to be paying for the re-building of that country. Iraq and Afghanistan are soaking up the tax-dollars of the American Treasury, with tax hikes to follow.

    Yet, Bush still needs to clobber the Israelis into submission so that his friends, the Saudis, will be pleased and Arafat will have his terrorist state. Bush needs a submissive Israel in order to create the impression of a major achievement, even if it is a false front - just like former President Clinton.

    Israel has been the only other nation to actually fight terror. The more Israel succeeds, the angrier Bush, Powell and the oil maggots become. They need to appease the Arab Muslims with the appearance that his Road Map was successful, even if Israel must take a major loss.

    Israel has been sold out before - although this is not something one can get used to. As the 2004 elections get closer and the Bush approval ratings begin to fall like his father’s did (who similarly betrayed Israel), Bush, Jr. will grow even more desperate. I have little doubt that Bush and Powell will increase the pressure for Israel to sacrifice herself for another Muslim Arab Palestinian State in Israel’s heartland. Minimally, they will call for Israel to ignore terror and make more ‘gestures’, like the release of terrorists, so Arafat’s puppet Abu Ala will look good at Israel’s expense.

    Perhaps Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will return to his old self and remember that no one will thank him for sacrificing the safety and sovereignty of the one Jewish State so that one man can be re-elected President. Recall that former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave away most of Hebron, expecting applause and appreciation for the sacrifice. No applause - no appreciation, but, they all said, "What else can you give us, kid?"

    In the meantime, the pacifist General/Secretary of State Colin Powell is warning Israel about the long-term consequences of their battle against the terrorists and the terrorist Infrastructure. Powell is telling the Israelis that if they kill Hamas leaders, they are creating more Hamas killers. I think that Powell brings up an interesting point. Since Israel has been attacked by terrorists and in seven wars for over 55 years, with thousands being killed, shouldn’t it be the Israelis, whose children are left fatherless, who have a score to settle with Powell’s Arab Palestinians? Is it only terrorists who remember their killers being killed? Or is Powell really saying that Arab Muslims can be counted on to keep killing no matter what so-called Peace Agreement is signed? The reason why there will never be peace from the Muslim Arabs is their belief that they have never lost a war. Their perception is that the enemy was temporarily stronger and they merely need a break in the hostilities to regroup, rearm and recruit more fighters, and the next phase of the battle must begin.

    If that means temporary agreements, armistice lines, meetings with the enemy to buy time - then it does not matter if it’s two years or 200 years. As they say: "Kiss the hand of the enemy until you can cut it off."

    The idea of restraining Israel from killing the leaders, planners, bomb makers and homicide bombers, because the Palestinians will get angry and only breed more terrorists, can only come from the twisted logic of a confirmed Arabist. Does Powell really think that it is the liquidation of its killers that makes Arab Muslim Palestinians want to kill Jews? Might it also be that the children from three years old and up are being taught to be Muslim shahids (martyrs)? We see children from four years old and up shouting in filmed classroom workshops of killing the Jews and the thrill of going directly to Paradise for this act. They are the programmed miniature candidates for suicide bombings. They are the ‘Manchurian’ candidates (programmed and brainwashed to kill) for the next century. They will be arising in Israel, America and Europe for years to come, shouting "Allah Akbar!" (God is Great!) and "Itbach al-Yahud!" (Kill the Jews) as they blow up our Western civilization. Their desire is to turn the world into one great Caliphate (an Islamic world of Shari’a laws, dedicated to strict Islam). In this Islamist world, Jews and Christians have no role except as converts, slaves or dead.

    Mr. Bush, Mr. Powell, your advice to Israel is bad advice, selfish and dangerous. I said quite some time ago that I though you, Mr. Bush, would be a one-term president, like your father before you, for turning against Israel. Remember that G-d said to Avraham, the father of the Jewish people, that "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you."

    The propaganda machine at the White House and the U.S. State Department is running 24/7 to give Abu Ala the title of a "moderate", who is not taking orders from Arafat.
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