the mighty port power

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    We've got the Power to choke,
    We are such a joke,
    C'Mon Port Adelaide pretenders.

    We are the losers from Port,
    We should give up this sport,
    'Cause it seems we can't win a final.

    We're such a flop, flop, flop
    Let's just stop, stop, stop!
    There's embarrassment here in the making.

    Forget Port Adelaide Proud,
    We're just obnoxious and loud,
    As a contender, we really have been faking,

    A final we cannot win,
    It's too hard - let's give in,
    Lets go home and have a cup of cocoa.

    On us the Magpies did romp,
    We belong in the lo-cal comp,
    This may be our very darkest hour,

    September 6 if you saw us,
    Just grab your thesaurus,
    Look up chokers it now says PORT POWER

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