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    to Suppy 96
    I bother to post directly because you have good vision and for someone in their early twenties.
    You recently posted with a distinct tone of frustration and negativism , which is a first for you.
    My advice for what its worth is you instincts are correct and i would forego trading ..instead become an investor.
    Traders will loose to investors nearly always.

    i note MINK AKA ANDY-J has been banned again for obvious slander..

    To get a read on whether your in the right place at the right time..
    I suggest you read
    "The Realities of this Secular Bull Market in Commodities"
    Kitcometals Lawence Roulston Feb 12

    Within that article there is a link to a presentation on Global Infrastructure by US Global Investors ..there is a 28 pge Bullet pt presentation as well as a commentary you can sign in for

    In essence it works through the infrastructure needs of the world and hence commodity needs ..which by the way is breath taking

    Then relook at cgg in this context without the noise of a 1 or 2 cent share price drift.(.as Cggs marginal share holders( and those that can no longer afford to be there due to margin concerns elsewhere) progresively sell to stronger more long term institutional shareholders and others)

    At some point in the near term (which is not entirely predictable) the share registry will be rid of the short termers .It is then the shareprices of these style of companies can do extremely well. Go back and look at OXR between 25c and spun its wheels for ages ..and drove people to despair..a stock doesnt care about human frustration or how long you have owned or your private expectations.
    to the rest on the foregoing thread Chill Ladies
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