the methods of a bully in need of a shower

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    It always amuses me to see how the smelly yak fancies himself as a doctor in the classic tradition of one who heals.
    In fact though, yak is merely a second rate propogandist who uses negatively charged emotional language in an attempt to satisfy his yearning for dominance.
    The smelly yak, like many dominant personality types, uses dependancy creating language. This is the language of contempt and intimidation designed to shame others into submission and desperate admiration.
    If this sounds familiar as the linguistic techniques that bush and fleischer use, it is. There are terms for these techniques used to induce surrender to the users will. A current favourite is the technique known as empty language. This refers to broad statements that are so abstract and mean so little they are virtually impossible to oppose.
    Just as one would not question the contents of a bag of potato chips while enjoying them with a beer, the recipients of empty language are distracted from examining the content of what they are hearing.

    Smelly yaks use empty language to conceal faulty generalizations, to ridicule viable alternatives, to attribute negative motivations to others, and to "reframe" opposing viewpoints
    There are countless examples of this in both the smelly yak's and sookers posts -- the others like dumb R are just sympathetic sycophants.
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