the mega-multinationals.....bigger than most count

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    If you are wondering where to put your money,you need to look no further than the giant companies that sit astride the worlds' finite resources.These companies have budgets that exceed most countries and are masters of the political game.Their corporate setup is similar to a government and they recruit people with political skills as much as industrial skills.Have a look at the BHP or RIO charts.Most large deposits,oil and minerals have been found and are in the hands of these majors like these.How they develop and sell these resources will make or break countries economies.Anybody choosing politics as a career could do no better than join a mega-multinational.This is beginning to show dramatically in the worlds top leaders.They are starting to sound like company CEO's rather than politicians.Maybe we will see very soon countries with names like UK Inc,Frogs Inc,Krouts Inc,Uncle Sam Inc......must rush to register some names that come to mind....bye
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