MCO 0.00% 11.0¢ morning star gold n.l.

the maxwell jewellery room

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    now mickey has taken time out we can get back to doing what we do best without interruption...

    ...ramping one of the most exciting gold plays in the world! Actually there are some other gold plays I like as much, CGT on the Castlemaine field. KCN's Chatree prospect and IGO's Tropicana. All these prospects have huge potential and are underexplored.

    back to MCO ,looking at the latest quarterly I went back to some older announcments because I got curious about that contact zone

    I notced the assays at the contact zone where fairly serious, 1390gpt in MS410 and 90gpt in MS416

    Looking at some other Maxwell assays parts of this reef could be very rich indeed

    not sure whether we are going to see any of this bonanza stuff hauled up the shaft in the next couple of months, but at some stage we will be seeing head grades of over 2 ounces pt
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