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the master plan

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    No one is making fun at QTK or those that have lost money because of the way Quiktrak has failed in their ability to run a business or how they have failed at every possible chance of success.

    The writing was on the wall years ago.

    But credit is definitely due to Pallister who did have a good plan when he brought Quiktrak out of administration and paid 0.7 cents for all his shares.

    The plan was a good one for making fast money.

    List a company on the ASX...get some announcements out with some big potential numbers, get some reporters who own or maybe were given Quiktrak shares to write up a story in the media....and watch your 0.7 cents shares go to 40 cents.

    Accompany your announcements and media right ups with select people hitting every forum in Australia and overseas with a barrage of ramped up posts on Quiktrak and their potential to go to $4.28, some more announcements.....more media write-ups....a deluge of more forum posts....and wham.....we have a pseudo winner of a company.

    Unfortunately for Quiktrak though, we have watchdogs.

    In the quiktrak situation, the person with the plan...Mark Pallister was already under the watchful eye of ASIC for previous suspected fraudulent white collar crime.....basically...using company funds to buy his own personal real estate.

    ASIC pull the case at the last minute...however, the truth was now at the surface.

    It put a crack in the untarnished Quiktrak anyway.

    Further research was required.

    A few of us committed to finding out the truth.

    On talking to many people and research like demons, we found out many truths about certain people running this master plan and what we found would astound many.

    Some reporting’s we delivered were not just pulled from hotcopper but I personally was threatened with a defamation case.

    Defamation? What was wrong about sharing my research that took countless hours to decipher.

    The master plan was well put together. However, any system is penetrable. We penetrated and the information was now on the surface.

    I wont go into details.

    I like hotcopper and would never put them in a hard place by disclosing what I know.

    However, I will say that in my opinion....it will not be long before Quiktrak enters voluntary administration and disappears before our eyes.

    But never think the game is over.

    I would not be surprised to see another new company started by the Quiktrak MD Pallister (perhaps a web based company???) which obviously will be listed on the ASX...probably floated by the usual means and usual broker ...DYOR before you commit.
    And the formulae begins again....release some announcements....get some media write-ups.....get the team onto hotcopper and other forums...ramp the hell out of it...and bingo...make 1000 times your money.

    There is an easier way to make money in life instead of doing the above and having to think twice about walking down dark alleys.....work for it.

    The rest of the world does. But those that choose the path of least resistance will always be watching over their shoulder in the hope that watchdogs like ASIC have received less funding that year and investigations can’t proceed.

    Good luck all.
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