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the markets - where to now?

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    Mid March I posted that the markets had bottomed ----

    "If the bell is not being rung it is certainly out of the cupboard".

    One response suggested the market could fall a lot further.

    Most of the posts at that time were negative - very few Buy - Buy items.

    Now HC is "littered" with Buy -Buy.

    Even in the US investers are tending to overlook poor items and build portfolios on any skerek of reasonable news.

    Housing will be resiliant for some time.
    That so many are ringing bells and predicting an imminent collapse is a reasonable indication that housing will remain steady.
    Some time in the future when interest rates turn to increase rather than decrease the housing "bubble" will land.
    The landing is not likely to be catastrophic because the burst has been predicted and well enunciated.

    The smart money will continue the pattern of rich becomming richer by playing with the overwhelming majority.
    One can predict that they are now leveraging out of property and into shares.

    By the time the AXO is back near previous highs you can bet the smart money will be moving out - probably into property-----
    And the "overwhelming majority" will be pooring money into shares - perhaps some using property as collateral.

    Lower and lower interest rates and property avoidance leave equities as the best - if not only area - to invest.
    World wide recovery is likely to overcome years of inertia and surge.
    The cycle of presidential elections in the US and effect on markets is bound to be strong. Bush will be depending on a great surge in the economy - he knows he is/will be on the nose regarding reasons for declaring war and will need a strong economics and markets.

    So buy - buy.
    Chose specific area carefully.
    Blue chips are on the way.
    Small companies will follow. Later.


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