The Market and the Current LNP

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    Traditionally voters have understood that the LNP favours a market based approach to solving major economic issues. The ALP were understood to favour an interventionist socialist approach.
    ever since tthe advent of Mr abbott to the LNP leadership this distinction is becoming more blurred. 
    In 2007 Mr Howard  took an EMISSIONS TRADING SYSTEM to the election. As you would expect from Mr Howard it is a maket based solution to carbon emissions. Mr Howard lost but the ETS remained part of the party platform. Mr Turnbull as LNP leader took this ETS policy and commenced formal negotiations with the ALP to fashion a joint ALP/LNP emissdions policy. To this day Mr Howard is adamant he would do the same again today. Great progress was being reported and this alarmed some iin the LNP. Mr Abbott placed his trust in Direct Action on emissions thereby rejecting party platform and embracing an INTERVENTIONIST socialist approach. This found favour with the LNP and Mr Turnbull was removed.
    Meanwhile the ALP pursued a MARKET BASED solution. 
    Thus Mr Abbott sowed the seeds of the destruction of the philosophical basis of the LNP sown by Mr Menzies
    These seeds are now flourishing in the LNP. 
    Market based mechanisms are being rejected for populist INTERVENTIONIST policies. The latest incarnation of this tendency is the BIG STICK approach to energy pricing.
    So it is a reasonable observation to say that the LNP is socialist and the ALP is market based
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