the machiavellians in the room

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    Forget the Carbon Tax and the coming Sunday Night charade and do yourselves a favor and listen to the above podcast - Alan Jones and Twiggy Forrest! Heard the replay just now, and cannot believe it. John Le Carre stuff here!!

    Overseas investors think Australia is now a sovereign Risk. - and a laughing stock, over the huge cost of the NBN? We are moving into very dangerous territory, thanks to Gillard, Swan, the ignorance of the "independents" and their agendas and their personal hatreds, along with Mr. Wilkie and the Greens. In fact, the whole infrastructure of the Labor Party seems to be based on hatreds, and alleged or actual deliberate lies or half truths, deliberate ruses repeatedly being concocted and told to a gullible public, as alleged with these gob-smacking Mining Tax issues as outlined in this interview with Mr. Forrest.

    This poor excuse for a "government" is treating the Mining Industry, and us, like this? And using such arrogant and dismissive language, and treatment, of one of our leading inevstors and entrepreneurs? A Man who employs thousands, and who puts his money where his mouth is too, regarding the under-privileged and the indigneous people.

    Just who/what ARE these people who hold two of the most important positions in Australia? What is it they are actually doing?

    This may have been discussed/posted before. (Swan suggesting WA should secede rings a bell with regard to previous posts) If I am doubling up with this podcast I apologise. But I am hugely shocked!

    It is extremely worrying - to learn the depths of the plots and manipulations going on behind Labor Party closed doors, to the extreme detriment of all Australians, and the future welfare of all our citizens. Why invest in small mining stocks when these games are being played with BHP, XStrata and Rio?

    Meanwhile, Andrew Wilkie had a special briefing overnight on the Carbon Tax, and has fallen over on it, predictably, and will support it! (Labor backbenchers will only get briefed on it this morning).

    Just what the hell is going on here? This interview alerts us to the fact that we, the public, are the victims in some extremely murky and shady plot!

    Andrew Forrest is telling us some home truths - I for one am appalled. If you are a true patriot you, too, will be appalled.

    Later today I am forwarding this podcast to the attention of the Governor General for her attention. Also sending it out to everyone else I can think of, including my local member, who is, unfotunately, Labor.

    I hope others who are similarly outraged will do the same.

    I'm diving back under the doona for a good sleep-in.
    Absolutely and utterly gob-smacked at such duplicity - and the sheer scale of what's REALLY going on!

    Heaven help Australia - because I don't think WE can!
    Very very frightening and alarming stuff. (and now the media falls over and gives her free prime time for further propaganda???) When the media falls over - that's the time to start really worrying!

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