the logic of israel

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    This is a fairly typical example of the Israelis's failure to realise that their policy towards the Palestinians is just plain stupid. Rather than take a political route to attempt to solve the problems they prefer to keep on with the same old move the tanks in and kill a few more, when clearly, it has never worked and will never work....

    Israel bans Palestinian leaders' travel

    Britain and the United States have expressed regrets about Israel's decision to ban a Palestinian delegation from attending planned peace talks in London.

    Israel announced the ban after the latest suicide attacks in Tel Aviv, which killed 25 people, as well as the two bombers, and injured nearly 100 people.

    British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says he "utterly and completely" condemns the Tel Aviv attack but he says it emphasises the need to get people around the negotiating table.

    Mr Straw says the 6 million people who live in Israel and the 3.5 million people who live in the Palestinian occupied territories can only live in peace if they are going to have a future.

    He urged the Israeli Government to think again about preventing the Palestinian delegation from attending the planned peace conference.

    Israeli Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says US Secretary of State Colin Powell has also voiced "regrets" over Israel's travel ban.

    "Mr Powell expressed his 'regrets' for this decision," Mr Netanyahu told Israel's second TV channel after a telephone conversation with the Secretary of State.

    Mr Netanyahu gave no further details on their talks.

    British Prime Minister Tony Blair will host the international conference, focused on Palestinian reforms, next week.

    The White House earlier in the day refused to criticise Israel's decision.

    US President George W Bush believes "Israel has a right to defend itself in a variety of ways, but Israel needs to always be mindful of the consequences of its right to self-defence", White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said.

    "This was a huge attack on the Israeli people," he said.

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