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Batboy's Post- 08/05/19 21:58''Oh boo hoo anyone complaining has...

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    Batboy's Post- 08/05/19 21:58
    ''Oh boo hoo anyone complaining has no place at this end of the market
    one good aspect of the suspension is that the faint hearted and emotional speculators
    can’t shoot themselvs in the foot and panic sell at a loss.
    grow up stop complaining go to the casino
    q would be worth following if he could identify a stock that we should buy
    with as much certainty as he did with OGX demise
    give me your OGX shares and go away''

    Hi Batboy,

    Just wondering if your fans/ followers agree with you.
    Would anyone care to comment?
    I look forward to your response.
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