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I believe a full Investigation should be conducted on ogx board...

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    I believe a full Investigation should be conducted on ogx board of management & a number of HC members who upramped ogx over the past 12-18 months.

    If you have any information regarding any breaches of conduct or disclosure, or any illegal activity regarding ogx, please post on this thread. But please post within the HC guidelines. Alternatively, you can forward your information to: [email protected] and label your email with an appropriate title in the subject field. Maybe use this thread title.

    I strongly believe that taking this approach will contribute to achieving justice being served to those involved.

    With strong evidence, the list & evidence can then be forwarded to the appropriate authorities including ASIC.
    ASIC also has access to HC's data base and member details, so that would be the next step.

    As I have said before; If you have have been dis-honestly involved in connection with ogx somehow, then speak up now before someone else speaks for you.

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