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    Madcow, it's a public holiday in WA today, which MAY delay announcement till tomorrow of a new alliance with company X. But it is coming! The traders have kept a cap on the price by selling out of impatience. Those close to SBP have been accumulating. Obviously, the options have received the most interest because of the leverage they offer on a run in the stock. My 'fly on the wall' expects this next move to set new highs.
    And then there's still the Orphan Drug Status to be approved in the USA. That will be a rocket for Solbec. Hold any position you have and add if you are able.
    N.B. I cannot substantiate any of the above, but my source has been spot on in the past. Let the market tell you that somethings about to happen, as you've already pointed out.
    Solbecians will reign!!
    I hold SBPO and now SBP.
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