the length of time it will take to

  1. 800 Posts.
    get any after:

    Giggling at her for getting misty at
    the end of a chick flick. -4 days

    Using any expression other than making love to
    refer to sex. -4 days

    Tone of voice that she doesn't like while
    talking about her mother -5 days

    Actually saying no you don't want to go when she
    says.."It's okay if you don't want to go". -6 days

    Shushing her during ESPN SportsCenter. -8 days.

    Not allowing her to watch Desperate Housewives because
    there's a Three Stooges marathon on AMC. -3 days

    Bringing up the possibility of a threesome...
    With her friend - 2 days
    With her sister - 19 days
    With her mom - 6 months

    Shrugging your shoulders and grunting when she
    asks how the makeup she just spent 11/2 hours putting
    on looks. -2 days

    Showing up 1/2 hour late because there was a really
    cool police chase on TV. -3 days

    Not answering quickly or vehemently enough when she
    asks you if you would ever cheat on you. -12 days

    Accusing her of having PMS
    when she doesn't -8 days
    when she does -12 days

    Failing to be serious about a relationship
    quiz in Cosmopolitan. -4 days

    Casually remarking that if she decided she wanted
    a boob job you'd be willing to pay for it. -6 days
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