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The leach drops off

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    Whatever can this stinker do for the ALP,

    what clout the ex premier had for PWR?
    600,000 options at 12c etc..

    non stick indeed
    Director Appointment/Resignation


    HOMEX - Sydney

    Powerlan Limited today announced that the Honourable Neville Kenneth
    Wran had decided to step down as a Director of the company.

    The Managing Director of Powerlan, Mr Theo Baker commented that he
    had accepted the resignation with regret but understood that it has
    been Mr Wran's intention to wind back his duties as Company Director
    with various public companies, including Powerlan. "Mr Wran has been
    with the company since it floated in 1999 and his contribution will
    be missed."

    Mr Greg Barnes, an existing Director has agreed to the role of
    interim Chairman until the Annual General Meeting.

    Mr John George is to be appointed to the Board to fill the vacancy
    which has arisen as a result of Mr Wran's decision to step down.

    For further information please contact:

    Mr Theo Baker

    Phone: 612 9925 4600

    e-mail: [email protected]

    from another site, informs a few short coverings stalled todays recovery from the 7.1c dip,

    "how do they,..... stick the teflon onto the pans"
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