The Law is an ass

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    Never has this old saying 'The Law is an Ass, ever been so true and relevant, with today's ruling  that the murderous thug, the despicable and depraved Adrian Bayley, was able to appeal his sentence, and as a consequence, had his sentence reduced by three years, at the taxpayers expense  of course :

    'Notorious murderer and rapist Adrian Bayley has had his non-parole sentence cut by three years, after winning an appeal against a rape conviction.

    Bayley, 44, was serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher in 2012 when he was convicted of three previous rapes.
    The Victorian Court of Appeal upheld his appeal against one of those convictions, the rape of a sex worker in St Kilda in 2000.'

    Not only did the legal system allow him to appeal, at taxpayers expense, but then reduced his sentence. Grossly  abhorrent and disgusting ! Does the legal system have any empathy for those who, like Jill Meagher, who were so grossly abused by this gruesome brute.
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