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    Isn't it interesting how paper bug Nadler believes official US inflation figures are accurate and then uses these figures to argue how ridiculous the prospect of US$3000 gold is? has shown beyond reasonable doubt how manipulated the US inflation figures have been since 1980 and if you adjust the 1980 gold price for real inflation you get a price thousands above US$3000.

    Here's a beauty from paper bug Nadler where he tries to prove that there is no such thing as peak gold. Well, obviously there's no such thing as peak US dollars!

    "Given that the US gold mine production is 10% of global mine production, if you assume gold resources are proportionate to current mine production, global resources could be 330,000 tonnes. That is another 137 years of production. GFMS estimates that in 2008, the 90th percentile of gold production was around $800 on the total cost curve. A higher gold price could mean increased production.”


    I still find it baffling that paper bug Nadler, the "Senior Analyst?" of Kitco Bullion Dealers consistently finds ways to call gold down. As a very popular gold site what influence does the Gold Cartel have on it?

    By the way, why does paper bug Nadler never consider how, as a result of the historically high beyond belief number of US dollars in circulation, we should in reality right now have a much higher US dollar gold price than we currently have?
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