The last traditionalist

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    He might have, probably has done things he never should have in his past life. Haven't we all? Show me the man who denies that and I'll show you a liar.
    For all that, Donald Trump is maybe the last chance America has of avoiding a devastating fall into a cauldron of radical leftist mayhem. We're seeing the first signs of it now and of course he wants to avoid cracking down on it in the way his instincts tell him he should because of where the electoral cycle is. But not only that stands in his way of course: the hopeless division of powers in America almost guarantees that law & order are difficult if not impossible to maintain in the face of an orchestrated nationwide campaign of civil unrest coupled with a House that has lost its head and wildfires in various state & municipal governments. Lyndon Johnson was not able to do it in 1968 even though he remained strong in will while severely ill.

    However I remain confidently hopeful that common sense continues to prevail in a silent (as opposed to outrageously noisy ) majority.
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