the last desperate attempt?

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    Yes is this the last desperate attempt now on to try and save Gillard's government

    Why do we suspect?

    They're dragging out a wall of all available troops...

    Million dollar celeb advertisements!

    "Arms length" surveys coming out of all the usual suspects!

    Polls suddenly from every hole in the wall!

    Church leaders all seeing religious bliss at the same time!

    Re-hydrated and re-inflated ex leaders!

    A wall of troops and propaganda

    What no "book-launch"?... No overseas visiting global warming "guru"?

    Those Labor socialist backroom Fabian dreamers have been working overtime to co-ordinate so many "free" "independent" thinkers with such timing precision

    Such maneuvering... such coercion... such propaganda

    The mind boggles with such cleverness

    So when does the first back-bench dissident who smells his own political corpse going green, breakout into a flood of troop rebellion?

    Not long I think.

    My opinions
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