The lamest business direction of the year award !!

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    Anyone able to beat ATY for this year's award for the weakest pretence of a going concern ???

    Hope the first new employee is one that can write descent "spin" . . . . . an absolute necessity for a budding 'global warming consultancy' and going by the following ann., a skill that is not yet present within ATY


    HOMEX - Perth

    The directors of ATY are pleased to advise that they have decided
    that the future strategy of the company will be to become involved in
    the "climate change" industry. The first phase will be to commence
    with the development of a consulting business advising on a number of
    areas and importantly to access opportunities to provide advice and
    capital to new ventures in the "climate change" industry and to
    further facilitate the development of established overseas technology
    into Australasia.

    "Climate change" by definition is the already continually developing
    market of establishing business opportunity or minimizing
    corporate risks associated with "global warming". Government responses
    and likely introduction of carbon taxes have accelerated having
    commenced with the Kyoto Protocol which has passed through 7 rounds
    of negotiation leading industry to consider what a "carbon
    constrained future would look like to the global business community.
    This raises considerable opportunities as business at many levels
    will require up to date advice and direction as to the scenarios that
    will affect their business.

    This process will use the extensive experience and skills of Mr
    Antonio Gelonesi a Director of the company. Mr Gelonesi brings to
    the company considerable domestic and international experience in
    climate change related issues. He has worked within the critical
    layers of advice from international government to large public
    utilities in assisting grass roots companies to establish business
    plans on bringing natural energy technologies to the market place.

    These skills and contacts around the world provide opportunities for
    the company to become a recognised leader in the development of
    market awareness and opportunity identification.

    The range of opportunities includes extensive consulting work for
    private industry and government and world bodies like the World Bank,
    the United Nations and the World Business Council through to
    establishing known technology in Australasia to turn natural energy
    into electricity. The importance of natural energy is being
    recognised by the community and by Government. Natural energy
    utilises the power of the wind, sun, water, heat, waste, etc to drive
    turbines and produce electricity.

    Consulting work will require a minimum of capital and will be driven
    by existing senior personnel and will involve consulting on such
    issues as:

    * Emission Trading including verification for accounts for carbon
    credits etc;

    * Financial matters including due diligence, carbon discounting,
    project analysis;

    * Technical including climate change strategy and assessment,
    integration, sequestration analysis;

    * Management of political risk, cost curves, strategy and assessment.

    Recent legislation in Australia relating to natural energy and the
    acceptance by EEC and Japan of the Kyoto protocol combined with the
    ISO 14001 standard supports the establishment of a world wide sea
    change towards "climate change" opportunities both in natural
    power/electricity and carbon sinks/trading.

    A 2% renewable energy levy has been legislated in Australia and
    certificates REC'S (renewable energy certificate's) are now being
    traded. The demand for natural power is exceeding demand in some
    states of Australia further strengthening the cause of this industry.

    The directors see this as an opportunity to leverage off Mr
    Gelonesi's background and experience and place, the company in the
    forefront of this exciting and growing industry. We see that we can
    have a first mover advantage in being listed and providing the
    services we plan to provide.

    J Toby
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