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The lady doth protest too much

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    Shakespeare wrote a much debated line for Hamlets mum Queen Gertrude (which ones weren’t you say…so lets not transcend there as it’s too late for him to adjudicate on the arguments).
    Nevertheless I believe that line could be interpreted here to bring an end to the current SBB thread “Sunbridge Shareholders” which has become argued “ad nauseum “. Also it might highlight the duplicitous roles of the overly persistent posters who just want to point out some of their concerns over and over and over again.
    Repeatedly challenging and even ridiculing any interloper who disputes some of their pertinent points, ... exaggerations , interpolations or just ignorant statements.
    I ONCE wrote a post on a stock ....where the expert opinions made my blood boil and the track record of the directors made the proposition so abundantly offense I had to warn any HC readers of the truth. The truth, of course was mostly in my opinion ONLY, so as I read some replies, some agreeing and some disputing my post I felt good about my endeavours and the fact that some debate occurred, and that was comforting. However I felt my duty was discharged after ONE post unlike the detractors on the recent SBB threads that go ON and ON about the same points.
    Yes you can post positive or negative comments on any stock, the more the better... be original and overt, but not repetitive unless you treat everyone in your life like a moron.
    Can I just suggest everyone stop posting ( re SBB ) for a moment, then go back and review the original prospectus, the supplementary and the official announcements since the IPO. All the answers (good and bad) are there but some need a Chinese slant ( no racism intended there) on them. Yes there are dubious lending practices (from a western viewpoint outside of the largest shadow banking sector in the world) but they were declared as was the cloaked preferred pricing for some of the escrowed IPO investors.
    However worse T&Cs has been offered by plenty of IPO stocks that went on to fail or succeed. Is SBB a pig with lipstick or the goose that may lay the golden egg (year after year ie dividend).
    ATM there is no guarantee it’s a pig or a goose but around 6c the risk reward is right for some (the buyers) but not for others (the sellers) and the market is generally efficient when there are enough informed participants so there is no mispricing to exploit here ATM.
    Finally as Curly Joe was known to say “it all comes down to this” pointing one finger up in the air! (which I happily borrow to explain Mr Xu’s successful IPO)
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