The Labor rabble 304 kicked out in 15 months

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    NO-NONSENSE Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has already broken through a very large barrier - she has ejected more than 300 Labor MPs from Parliament.

    Today she marked the impressive tally by turfing out a Labor shadow minister for 24 hours after a bitter clash over her handling of the chamber.

    Mrs Bishop kicked out Labor frontbenchers Anthony Albanese and Mark Dreyfus today, to reach a total of 309 MPs removed since she became Speaker on November 12, 2013. Of that total, 304 were Labor MPs and five were from the Coalition.

    She throws them out, usually for an hour, as punishment for actions she believes breach standing orders, usually loud interjections.

    But in addition today, Mr Dreyfus was “named” and booted out for 24 hours today after he objected to being removed for one hour and clashed with the Speaker.

    He had been objecting to a large sheet of paper being waved by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who was accusing her Labor counterpart Tanya Plibersek of believing Africa was a country.

    “As an audition for a first year uni revue, Julie Bishop was great. As an audition for the Prime Ministership she was empty and pathetic,” tweeted Labor’s Tim Watts.
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