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the la jolla cove effect

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    I can see now why people hate stock that have La Jolla Cove associated. I'd heard of it but never actually seen it.

    I think this morning really shows why. They just took a giant dump on the VLA stock at 10:17:22 AM. Ever since then, everybody else has just followed suit.

    Unfortunately, they still have around $450,000 worth of stock they can dump with again. Until they ditch that, VLA will remain with a low market cap. and will go nowhere. We saw what they did with only $270,000.00.

    Here we have an awe inspiring company that needed cash and had to make a deal with the devil to push things through. At least next time VLA need cash, they shouldn't have to resort to such lows and can rub shoulders with those with a little more vision.
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