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the key to the numbers...

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    they had drilled 118 bore holes a while back. Allowing for another 12 holes would have been drilled since that date. [work that out by calculating how many holes they drill a month and multiply that by the how much time has since past..comes to about 130 finished bore holes. I think the presentation on the average coal seam width calculates out at about 17m. [just add the average coal seam widths and divide that by 4 seams and i got 17m].
    Now the big question is - - - How wide are the spacings on these bore holes? are they 250m, 500m? 1klm? or more?

    Once we know that, we can calculate the square area and multiple that but the average seam width and we should have some idea of the number. I come up with big numbers which ever way you do the numbers. I wont post the numbers because i may have the calculation wrong and dont want to give people the wrong idea. Needless to say, the numbers have a lot of zeros in them. I just looked at the old april 3 announcement on the drilling update and the holes are 250m, 500m and 1000m apart.
    Now they are drilling on the Benga license which is actually 4500 hectares..this means the numbers are mind shattering if the coal is across the entire lease. This is also only 1 of 17 leases that they own [290,000 hectares in total]. I think you might be getting the picture here??????? scary numbers might be lurking under all the presentations and would go some way to explaining why there is so much action in the stock. All this information is available to us all, it just takes a little more time to figure it all out. The company can't give us a number until they process the drill results. They have said that these numbers are due. I cant wait to see what they are. I reckon its BIG. please do your own research and talk to a broker or a professional as i may have this wrong.
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