The Japanese deserved what they got.

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    Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima that followed by the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on the 8th of August two days later. Today on this day as on this day each year there are soft - headed fools getting about decrying the atomic bombing of these two Japanese cities in 1945.

    The truth is that the Japanese deserved what they got.

    Japanese barbarity to Australian and British and Dutch Prisoners of War was simply appalling. Their behaviour to their captive / occupied populations across Asia was barbaric.

    Added to the documented wartime barbarity of the Japanese is the fact that any assault on the mainland of Japan by Allied forces would have meant further pointless and dreadful loss of innocent American, Australian and other allied life.

    The Japanese reaped what they sowed.
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    Did Japanese babies and children deserve it?
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