the irony of disarming iraq

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    As the US continues its efforts to disarm Iraq and other parts of the world,the killing of its own citizens continues.This slaughter in the US will not be missed by Iraqis and others as another example of the hypocrisy of US foreign policy.

    Nearly 31,000 killed by guns each year
    Friday, June 6, 2003

    The letter “Guns keep crime rate lower in U.S.” (YDR, May 19) could not have been further from the truth and from documented research. Moreover, it could not be more insulting to anyone who has ever been or known a victim of a gun crime, as many in the Red Lion area were one month ago.
    The argument was made in the letter that the benefits of carrying concealed weapons outweigh the costs of crime committed with firearms, because they are used in “huge numbers” for self-defense. I do not believe that one can justify the nearly 31,000 Americans killed every year by firearms. Of the 30,708 deaths by firearms in 1998, only 316 were committed in an act of self-defense by a private citizen — 30,708 is significantly greater than 316. The benefits do not outweigh the costs.

    In addition, guns in the home, even if intended for potential self-defense, are more likely to be used in acts of malicious violence. A 1998 study by the Journal of Trauma stated that a gun kept in the home is 22 times more likely to kill someone you know in an act of animosity than killing anybody in an act of self-defense.

    Uncountable studies have proven the deadly consequences of handguns and assault weapons. The only study cited by letter writer Dale Heil was by an economist, trying to equate the lives of our fellow Americans killed because someone else had a gun, because someone wanted to feel a little safer, to an economic figure. These thousands of innocent people, such as Dr. Eugene Segro, are not economic figures; they are lives. Those lives are no safer because guns are easily accessible.


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