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The invisible Man

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    The greatest marketing man has join UNIS.
    W know his name is Kevin Sellers.
    We know he has been appointed in Marketing or something.
    We know he didn't appear at the Q2 conference Call
    We don't know his salary
    We don't know if he has bonus shares attached.
    Like everything else . We Don't know.
    What we do know is that very large institutions, hold a very high available proportions of UNIS shares and with the level of "shorting" that has taken place, it's conceivable that they have shorted their own stock.
    At present we have a very high interest rate on purpose debt, a rate that was severely critiqued by the market commentators, but a rate that is understandable considering that we have very low income.
    However, the low SHAREPRICE, the fact that we are going to be a cash cow, means that "we are at risk"
    If a so called hostile takeover arose and our management gets the same treatment as everyone else then so be it, but every contract has clauses that key personnel, may be treated differently and become part of the new company.
    Another curious happening, is that all insider share holdings have been converted to NORMAL shares no different frm anyone else's.
    It happened around the timing of the Sanofi contract signing Dec? 2013 or 14. Recorded via SEC filing.
    Insiders are now only bound by UNIS Governance Policies as to what they do with them.
    A change in direction and disclosure of how the company is going to allocate the inflowing cash is needed, not that they cash is flowing in yet but it soon will be.
    By using the cash of each contract to generate a corresponding bigger line of credit and announce that profits will be ploughed back to shareholders as dividends, would transform the SHAREPRICE overnight.
    Again, I reinterate, I am not suggesting any improper or wrong doing, as we know nothing of future plans other than to keep signing contracts, but that cash delivered as a ever increasing dividend, will deliver every share holder their rightful returns, without any skull duggery as I believe based on the level of dividend that US companies return to shareholders, that these shares could grow to be the most valuable in the US .
    After all the third largest US company, Bircshire Hatherway, get bad press about its lack of good transparent financial reporting, it's shares trade around $230,000 each and they haven't paid a dividend for 40 years, and so once we announce a policy to pay a dividend at a certain time our SHAREPRICE will greatly increase.
    Did I mention, that I am not accusing anyone or suggesting any wrongdoing, just trying to keep abreast of our companies future
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