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The investment case FOR Mesoblast

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    We have had some tremendous news of a massive "thumbs up" by an industry insider who has decided to invest an initial $110 million into the company. In the build up to this, there has been a noticeable increase in the forum traffic of let's call them "gloom and doomers".

    As @stocksa has recently posted on another thread
    What the hell is happening on the MSB threads? Free us from these dingbats A new movement ....A free MS

    Some post genuine concerns, they can be share holders who are fed up. There is one who appears to have an almost pathological dislike of SI and the board. It is really sad to read of those who we have followed on HC full of hope etc, only to sell out when for instance their CFD position was closed, or they ran out of time or patience.

    Then there are the posts from those with no interest in the company.
    Some (probably the most) are simply stupid 1-4 lines generally of "playground taunts".
    "See you at a dollar"
    "RIP" etc
    Sometimes they are just insults.

    Then there are the more invidious, the posts, with well written but specious arguments. Aided by the copious confirmatory opinion from our friendly journa-lie-ist, or worse the Joker Broker,(and by that I do not mean a comedian rather a reference to Batman and Robin. Hands up who had a costume as a child? If you have the adult version, keep it to yourself.) who I label the "rent a quote mob". Tell me what you want me to say and if you pay, I say. Pathetic creatures.

    The response of the forum has been mixed. Some have chosen to ignore (my list has grown substantially this past week), others have called them out. Some have even tried to create a thread for holders only. Of course the request not to post on that thread is ignored as for some of these idiots "baiting" is a substitute for real life and others I expect are either paid to write this nonsense or believe it will help them secure a lower price for the shares that they want to purchase.

    When you try and engage in sensible debate, they won't, as generally they are not able to engage. All they are interested in is clogging up every thread with back and forth rubbish that is putting people off reading the more thoughtful contributions.

    The more noise the less chance people have of picking up on the well thought through arguments. However my fellow shareholders will respond with increasing ferocity as they are fed up with the lies and they feel that they need to be there for "newbies" so that they have the more accurate counter argument.

    So I am setting up this thread, not to counter the collective known as "down rampers" but as the thread for "why I invested in Mesoblast". The positive reasons why. Perhaps someone else could set up the Yang to our Ying, "Why I am not investing in Mesoblast". Then anyone who wants a an alternative view can visit both threads. Those who insist on exercising their rights to post negative posts on this thread, rather than the other will be clearly identified for what they are and can be put on to the ignore list even a newbie.

    So new members to the post, how can we help them.
    Well here is a list of some of the posters who I follow. It is not exhaustive but If you want some quality insightful posts, imo you will find many contained in the writings of the following.
    @Anjo-Roch, @bedger, @dachopper,@ecool2 (who has not been seen for some time but whose contributions stands the test of time)
    @gerzenzee (do not under estimate the importance behind the psychology of trading/investing), @imback,@learningEachDay,@LeftYahoo,@Otherperspective,@Stanjupiter,@Stockrock,@The Yankee. I am also including @reginaldp, good for a laugh with insightful nuggets thrown in.

    I've left out a few including myself who are firm supporters. I am sure that others may choose to recommend other posters and rightly so please do. But a day or week reading through these will be a great education and to be honest there is nothing that I could add to what they tell you.

    So if you come across a post on this thread that should be on the other thread, then rather than respond, my advice, simply put them on ignore. They are only trying to muddy the water, or if they can persuade/frighten you into selling.

    If you want their opinion then they can say what they like on the other thread if they choose to set it up.

    Then when newbies come on to hot copper you can refer them to this thread and they will see who is being ignored and why. This is a volatile biotech company, if they want to take on board what they say on another thread, well good luck to them, they won't be investing in Mesoblast for long.

    My advice is, read up first and decide if you believe in the science. I was lucky, I had a very knowledgeable person I have known for a very long time who had done a lot of hard yards researching this company. They took me through it, and I read and followed some first class posters on HC.

    I'm excited and confident for the future of this company. I believe in the Science and the data that supports it. It says that this is a platform therapy with a number of uses. It will be the paradigm change in how, many illnesses, conditions or whatever you choose to call them will be treated. It's "sweet spot" for when to be used is understood and now we need I expect 12 months to start the ball rolling in a big way. We have the cash to do this, and the shorters can't change that. What they can do is talk you out of it. I hope people will support this thread with well reasoned arguments for why they are, have, or will invest. Leave the playground stuff elsewhere and put on ignore anyone who tries to start it on this thread. They have nothing to add.

    Finally @Duku, I have no insider knowledge and have no wish to join in the conjecture. So no I don't know when they will be back in front of the FDA. I am sure it is a high priority and I am sure that they won't go until they have lined up all the data from recent trials that support their application. Let's all stay patient and tuned into Hot Copper for the next announcement.

    It will be Friday before we know it and usually @reginaldp with his fellow imbibers will come up with a suggestion or two where the investment can result in fairly swift gratification. Science takes a bit longer that's all.

    PS I hope you will choose to write your informative pieces on the investment case for the company so keeping this thread alive for all new joiners. I am convinced there will be a lot of good news coming out. When it does stick your comments here.

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