The intentional re-ordering of the world's economic development model

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    For those who believe that AGW is all about the climate, take note.

    "The United Nation’s top climate change official Christiana Figueres announced this week that the group is actively working to "intentionally transform" the world's economic development model, a task she called the "most difficult" one the group has ever undertaken.

    "This is  probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history," UNFCCC Executive Secretary Figueres stated at a press conference in Brussels Tuesday.

    ...Figueres is optimistic that a new international treaty, the so-called "Lima draft"—which she hopes will be adopted at climate change conference in Paris at the end of the year—will be yet another step to the "transformation" of the world's economic model."

    The "Lima Agreement" was the first noticeable strike against the stability of this nation. Way back then, in 1975, when both sides of our parliament signed the agreement, a time when science was telling us that we were headed into a period of global cooling, the traps were set.

    For those too young to remember the Lima Agreement:

    "The NWO has taken away, by stealth, Australia's sovereignty. Australia no longer makes decisions in the best interest of its citizens, it now makes decisions according to UN treaties and agreements that it has signed. Let me start with an agreement that was made by Australia and the UN back in 1975 called the Lima Agreement. International treaties in the main are the handy work of the United Nations and have been used by Australian Governments to undermine Australian Sovereignty. The High Court decision on the Franklin Dam issue in Tasmania is a case in point. Used to put in place processes the impact of which the Australian people are completely unaware, and if they were aware, would be totally opposed to, processes that get-around, "The Australian Commonwealth Constitution." In other words, treason. And treason is being committed in the name of International Treaty, or the other names given to them, such as conventions, or in this case declaration, The Lima Declaration. Simply, The Lima Declaration is an agreement to wind down Australian manufacturing and agriculture to import goods from other preferred Countries together with as much primary produce as we can consume. Such as fruit, meat etc.

    Originally there was a 30% was a target that has now blown out, current estimates are that 90% of our production capacity has gone, and our jobs with it. There is no mention in the agreement about what will happen to the Australians who lose their jobs, their factories or their farms, it appears they are expendable. How can Government wind down Business Activity? Simply under the guise of establishing a level playing field, they make it uneven. How? Increase taxes, compliance measures, enviromental planning restrictions, interest rates, the cost of employing people; by increasing labor compliance measures, (without the worker gaining any benefit), local council by laws and restrictions, etc. All these things in combination either destroy or increase our ability to manufacture products or produce food. How does The Lima Declaration effect me? Simply we lose our production capacity and our skills to manufacture and produce. More importantly our independance. (This is the Agenda of the New World Order planners) Unemployment increases. Taxes on the employed increases, to pay for the unemployed, increased bureaucracy and increased compliance measures. With new shortage of income you are forced to buy cheaper imports, or go without thereby aggravating the spiral of well planned economic transfer. From middle class to economic institutions to third world countries.
    Government (unproductive sections) will increase their numbers to cover up the real unemployed statistics or/and change the definition of unemployed; if you work 10 hours a month you will be considered employed. We then have more people in Government at all levels with little to do, other than think up more ways of controlling those who are left to produce what little we don't import, employed thinking up new revenue raising schemes, and raising penalties to ensure their salaries. A perfect example of this is the development of a Department of climate change which employs thousands of people to develop and work out ways to penalize people for breathing. This effort was a CPRS and now on the agenda a Carbon Tax. If the Australian government did care about its citizens first, it would immediately abolish this department save the country millions of dollars and admit it was a scam. And last but not least, the obscure reason behind The Lima Declaration, Australia becomes a dependent nation, dependent on other nations for it's shoes, it's machinery, it's food, it's survival."

    Before this agreement was signed we had an independent nation that was able to feed, fuel and clothe itself. Everyone got a pension (no means test) on reaching the age of retirement which was set at 60 for women and 65 for men. In fact most households were supported by a single income. Newcomers were able to find work in the factories, rather than the dole queue. The people were, on the whole, relaxed and happy with their lot in life, even if we didn't have the mass of material goods we now have at low prices and quality.

    "Through the sales propaganda of free trade, our political leaders have removed tariffs and exposed our people to the wage level of the third world and expect our business and agriculture to compete. This is an impossibility and designed to remove our manufacturing and agriculture base, thus removing our independence. Thus typing us to an unelected, world regulatory body, intent on destroying the sovereignty of nations and transferring their economy to others. There is no doubt, that within the grand plan of international control there is no room for self-sufficient nations."

    Seems pretty clear where we are headed now, don't you think?

    The grand plan for despotism for all, unless of course, you belong to the .01%. The last link in the chain will be the one world religion of Lucifer.

    So how do you stop a rolling train with your hands tied behind your back?
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