the indonesian solution

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    In this area, there is only one question that counts. Can a people-smuggler get his clients - illegal immigrants - to Australian waters and ultimate residency?

    If they can, then people-smuggling will flourish. If they can't, it will wither, because no one will pay a people-smuggler $15,000 if there is no realistic chance of getting to Australia. It's that simple.

    The Howard government tried to make sure people were intercepted before they got to Australia and then they ended up either in Indonesia, Nauru or Manus Island.

    The Rudd government is determined that people will be intercepted and end up in Indonesia. Australia puts enormous amounts of money, federal police and intelligence effort into making sure this happens.

    A commentator at the weekend said the Indonesian solution could only work if processing time for asylum-seekers was speeded up so that people didn't have to spend 10 years waiting for resettlement in a Western country. In fact, exactly the reverse is the truth.
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