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the illusion of manipulation

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    What worries me about market manipulation (which I guess can take many forms) is that ‘everyone’ can see what the manipulators are doing and why they’re doing it. When ever there is a constant drip feed to keep the price down all the sheeples admonish the manipulator and laughingly declare “I know what’s going on!”.

    Guess what?

    As I’ve stated before you are up against the sharpest mindsin the most ruthless business of all, with resources to move the market at will.

    Consider this …… If drip feeding the market indicated to the masses that the purpose was to keep the price down and accumulate …… thus the illusion that the smarties are buying, then the masses would hold on to their stock and in many cases buy up and average down.

    The manipulators are creating an illusion! …… and all the sheeples continue to fall for it. Do you honestly think the smartest in the business would be so obvious? The drip feeding, esp at close is to keep you all in!

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