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the idleness of march

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    Hi Folks

    We have some wanting out obviously. Not big volume...but then it doesnt have to be with no buyers moving up to buy.

    First week of March 2008 and we are 'still' faced with no 'tangible' developments....

    It was this time last year many of us thought drilling would be underway in Ukraine.
    Drilling still hasnt started.

    It was this time last year we thought Rozna was 'in the bag'

    12 months on and we are none the wiser.

    We know Ukraine political situation is now 'relatively stable' and the environment it seems is pro business.
    Although it has only been less than 3 months since Ukraine political situation has been resolved and finalised, I find it unacceptable that Uran cannot give us 'current' feedback on the status of these projects.

    In fact, as patient and appreciative of 'some' of the issues here, I think in these challenging times the company should step up and give us a 'real time' update.

    Its March folks and no word on Pribram. Why no update. why no committment to mine? Why no feedback?

    And what of our Bulgarian applications?

    Our MOU in Kazakhstan?

    I dont enjoy sitting here and rehashing what is becoming a repetitive exercise. I do think its important though to keep chipping away regardless.

    How Uran can continue this way defies belief. Yes they have improved their media on the website....but it is based around nothing more than community meetings on applications still very much 'up in the air' and dependent on any number of factors.

    We must be mindful of that. Unfortunately we are faced all too often with 'peripheral' news/developments that overshadow the inability to secure a project/acquisition.

    After 18 months its just not up to standard to continually avoid discussing 'in detail' and in 'current terms' where the company is at with its MAJOR projects.

    We have seen improvement in communications...albeit relatively small.
    We are not seeing the news we want on the projects we have been told are still very much on the agenda.

    Information required please Uran.

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