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the hot hotcopper hot stock. the next mmx

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    If above 90c can be held today, a new level has been reached. Will drilling forthcoming, a YML rise up to $1.50 is highly probably.

    And why not?

    They have 430mt+ of high grade haemitie ore.

    Assigning a highle conservative profit margin value of $10per tonne, they come out with a gross profit of 430mt*/$100 = $4.3BILLION DOLLARS

    Using $30pt (far more realistic), 430mt*$30 = $12.90BILLION DOLLARS

    They are located in arguably the best iron ore grounds in the WORLD.

    I know the chart is daunting, but i have recently bought in after following the stock very very closely for a week of two. It AINT retracing. It has had ample opportunity to and it aint going nowhere.

    a) Upcoming drilling - real drilling; not surface samples (lol)
    b) Fed rate cut - a 50bp cut will bow the markets away
    c) Iron Ore price negotiations soon to be finalised (I expect a 50% increase - and a 50% increase is 20% above market consensus - all the solid, quality FE stocks will run, this being the most qulatity under $200mn mkt cap)

    So, DYOR and have a long look. Everyone is buying on the dips so youll have lots of competition.

    No other stock here has this much potential. They could be the next MMX. 430mt+ of haemitite!!!

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