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the hog technical thread.

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    For the benefit of discussing technical work (drilling). No comments on share price, management or sovereign risk, please.

    Presently flowing 7MMscfd and 200bbld from B18b resevoir (visean sandstone from lower carboniferous)

    Targeting B20. Historical flow 920bopd. (visean sandstone from lower carboniferous). Resource estimate is 2.8mmstb recoverable oil.


    Next well to be an infill development well into B-18b already in production. Spud to happen in last quarter of 2011.

    Gas plant:

    Prospectus addendum mentioned a western B24/25 resevoir drilling plan for 2012, and results depending on location of plant (i.e. have it close to Sorochynska 1 & 2, or between these and a possible third well for B24/25 resevoirs in the west). Anyone got any news on the plant design/tendering progress? This one has completely fallen off my radar, and I'm trying to catch up on it again. Surely they need this working by the time Sorochynska-2 is in production?

    Dexter, you've expressed the opinion that the #1 well production rate is high compared to other Ukraine wells & they may have been lucky to hit a highly-permeable resevoir (as opposed to especially drilling/production techniques).

    Sorochynska-2 should allow HOG to pull 10MMscfd without jeopardising resevoir/well junctions
    , right? So Chernetska-1 determines whether HOG is a 2-field or 1-field junior. Apart from historical production figures (I'm sure they quoted the highest available), are there any other ways of evaulating potential flow before the test well goes down?

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