The Greek Disease

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    Last year Hockey was pilloried by the ABC and Fairfax for stating he bleeding obvious, namely that Australia is headed down the same path as Greece unless painful, urgent steps are taken to get the Budget emergency under control.

    Glenn Stevens now issues similar warnings using ever-increasingly worrying language.


    - Labor continues to play Russian Roulette with the future of our children by saying "Nyet" to any sensible reforms to rein in debt and cut expenditure,
    - as the Greeks are stupidly resisting taking the medicine they need to, so a worrying number of voters - as shown in the Qld election and Federal polls - make clear they put self interest above the interest of the nation and even their own children, who will be lumbered with our profligate ways
    - Australia is borrowing $Million 100 per day - that is per day.

    Poor fella my country! Labor has much to be ashamed about. Not just for wrecking our fiscal position under the dimwit Swan in the space of just 6 years for no return, BUT worse, for engendering Cargo Cult mentality in the minds of the unsophisticated and selfish voter who think the light they see at the end of the tunnel is the exit, whereas it's actually an oncoming express train.
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