the greek alphabet..derives from the hebrew??

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    Something entirely different, and definitely NOT copy+paste......Article.
    We all know the letters (well most of them...) of the Latin (and all its derivative Western languages) emanate from Greek.
    However, it is not widely known that the Greek alphabet derives from the Hebrew alphabet, or atleast, that is my humble opinion....
    Please read, and judge for yourself.....
    (No nationalistic sciolistic screamings please. It is purely an academic analysis).
    In Greek the first letter is Alpha. In Hebrew the first letter is Aleph=Ox.
    The second Greek letter is Beta. In Hebrew Beth=House.
    Third letter in Greek, Gama. In Hebrew Gimel=Camel.
    Fourth Greek letter, Delta. Fourth Hebrew letter Dalath=Door.
    And so on......Until the letter T=Tau in Greek, Taw=Mark, in Hebrew.....
    Now, one may ask why have the Greeks taken it (the Alphabet) from the Jews. Well, the fact that in Hebrew every letter has an additional meaning-word, is indicative that the Jews were using it for its vocabulary value as well, as a medium for writing......
    Well???? What do you think????
    I can cite the other letters, if any one is interested....
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